The Harmonync can output audio or MIDI signals.

The Harmonync is not able to produce complex timbres or sampled sounds by itself. And it has no audio effects. As we have seen before, it can output just sine or sawtooth waveforms.

The true feature of the Harmonync is MIDI OUT TUNING. With MIDI you can retune almost every MIDI compliant instrument, and you can use the timbre of a sampled violin, an electric piano or… your custom synthetized sound.

The capability to generate simple sounds, is mainly for study and research purposes. It is just an audio monitor to be used as a reference.

But, if you don’t want or you can’t use MIDI, to make a virtue of necessity, you can process or effect the Harmonync audio line output, adding a reverb, distortion or other sound processors. With good results!

In other words, you can make an audio processing chain to process the Harmonync audio output. For example passing it through a guitar effect and then adding reverb. Even only with the simple sine wave, with a good and long convolution reverb, is a great pleasure.


If you are interested in the AUDIO output go to this section.

If you are interested in the MIDI output go to this section.


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