Thanks to the Internet Global Community.

And thanks to:

  • Jeff X. Scott (LMSO – Li’l Miss’ Scale Oven)
  • Aaron Andrew Hunt (H-Pi Instruments)
  • Manuel Op de Coul (SCALA)
  • Miller S. Puckette (Pure Data)
  • Carlo Serafini (thesis: Tecnologia e Sistemi di Accordatura)
  • Victor Cerullo (Max Magic Microtuner)
  • Benjamin Frederick Denckla (thesis: Dynamic Intonation for Synthesizer Performance)
  • Jacky Ligon (Xen-Arts)
  • Robert Walker (Tune Smithy)
  • Mark Henning (TUN file format)
  • Joe Monzo and Chris Wittmann (Tonescape / Tonalsoft Encyclopedia of Microtonal Music-theory)
  • Bill Gannon and Shelly Kantrow (Justonic)




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